The Valparaiso University Guild began in April of 1931 as the National Women’s Committee of the Lutheran University Association. It was once referred to as the Women’s Auxiliary of the Lutheran University Association before adopting its current name of Valparaiso University Guild. The Guild gave women a prominent role in promoting Lutheran higher education and providing leadership opportunities for women throughout its ranks. Members from across the country invested in recruiting students, raising funds to support the students’ physical and spiritual welfare, and serving as ambassadors for Valpo.

Guild members provide significant volunteer hours to serving the needs of the Guild as well as supporting University initiatives. The Guild has provided more than $4 million to campus, which is visible in spaces such as Gloria Christi Chapel, the Brandt Campanile, Guild Hall, and the Guild Lobby Commons of the Center for the Arts. Heidbrink Hall (named after a former Guild Executive Director and once the Guild Office of Admissions), the racquetball courts, and a reading space in the Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources are samples of capital projects funded.

In 2006, the Guild affirmed its new mission to enhance the student experience while exemplifying the University’s ideals of scholarship, freedom, and faith. The Guild members continue to support Valpo students and are guided by a Christian purpose.

The Guild now focuses on awarding Guild Campus Gift Grants that have an immediate impact on fulfilling the needs of students. Grants that range from $500 to $5,000 are awarded to student organizations, academic departments, and administrative departments. Further, the Guild has six scholarship endowments that provide close to $80,000 annually to deserving students who are children and grandchildren of current Guild members in good standing. The Guild also supports the Guild Endowment Fund for Undergraduate Research, which was created in 1999 with the purpose of supporting research costs, materials, publications, and travel related to undergraduate research projects.

Guild membership is open to anyone wanting to support Valparaiso University students. An intergenerational group that welcomes both women and men in serving its mission, the Guild includes alumni, parents, and friends of the University who appreciate a strong affiliation with Valpo. Though members once formed chapters at a local level, members now join the national organization and are encouraged to gather locally to work on projects such as fundraisers, student gatherings, and social activities that promote the University.

To join the Guild, click “Join Now” below. This will link you to the University’s giving page. By making a contribution of at least $50 to the designation “Guild Annual Membership Fund,” you will qualify as a voting Guild member. Membership operates on the Guild’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). To stay current, please renew membership within each fiscal year; members will receive renewal notices starting in July with the annual election mailing and Guild Campus Grant ballot mailing.


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If you are interested in a position on the board, or would like to recommend someone, please contact us at

Barbara Speth ’76 Dammann
Roswell, Ga.

Susan Lampe ’73 Mullen
Barrington, Ill.

Katelyn Scheck ’12 Jung
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Christine Ruppar ’95 Blake
Iowa City, Iowa

Lori Brown
Cedar Lake, Ind.

Sylvia Dukles ’62 Luekens
Valparaiso, Ind.

Sara Lynne Roettger
Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Nan Hering ’74 Treul
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Michelle Hart ’91 Warner
Davenport, Iowa